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 More information about Courtney Brown can be found at her personal website,

Interactive Tango Milonga was created by Courtney Brown, a sound artist, engineer, and tango dancer whose work centers on musical interface and the connection between sound and bodily movement.

Courtney was introduced to tango music via her experience playing accordion, and she has been socially dancing for over ten years. As a musician, she experiences her dancing and movement as sounding, and tango dance as very similar to playing an instrument.  She has a deep desire for her dance movement to make non-incidental, musical sound. Thus, "Interactive Tango Milonga" was born. She received a 2013-14 Fulbright Award to work on her interactive tango project in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has been working on different aspects of he project ever since.

Interactive tango performances and workshops have been featured across North America, Asia, and Europe including at the Itinerant Festival (NYC), International Computer Music Conference (Daegu, Korea), New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference (Virginia Tech), the ACM Workshop for Movement and Computing (Genoa, Italy), and the International Conference for Live Interfaces (Sussex, England, UK) including local workshops at Arizona State University and the wider Phoenix area as well as at Southern Methodist University at Dallas, TX.   Upcoming performances include MOXsonic Festival (Missouri)  and ACM's Tangible and Embodied Interface Conference (Phoenix). See for a more complete listing.

She is an Assistant Professor at the Center of Creative Computation, Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX.


Interactive Tango Milonga is made possible in part through seed funding from the Pave Arts Venture Incubator at ASU.

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